Can a Wedding Dress Store Have a Soul?


At Bell Tower Bridal, we  like children and we like you, too, regardless of what you decide about your wedding dress.Wedding gowns are a significant expenditure and Bell Tower Bridal isn’t what you might call “low end.” It can be intimidating just walking into a wedding dress retailer full of elegant and costly merchandise.

A little while ago. A girl came in, definitely a little timidly, without a big group of people and I’m not sure she is planning a really big wedding. But she wanted a beautiful dress and she didn’t confess to having a quite adequate budget for said beautiful dress purchase.

Notwithstanding her budget constraints, she was most welcome, even though we didn’t have many dresses priced for her budget.

We know how you feel. We know weddings are expensive and we know many people have limitations, and we can not always work around them because we are not a budget store. What we really want to do is make you gorgeous, and we need a little bit of budget for that.

So what did we do for her? We found her a dress…out of her budget, but you should have seen the transformation! When she looked in the mirror, she positively glowed. Job done.

We don’t sell cheap dresses, and she hasn’t purchased this one…though she put a hold on it. We loved having her come and we wish her the absolute best! No regrets.

At Bell Tower Bridal, we may not sell you a cheap dress, but we can make you a vision. It’s your decision and we’re always glad to see you.