Dress Destiny: how do you know when it’s the one?


For many brides, finding the perfect wedding dress may feel like a task almost as mountainous as finding the perfect groom. It can be a lot of stress and we don’t want that for any bride–not just when you’re feeling so happy!

At Bell Tower Bridal in St. George, UT, we really believe in high dress standards. We love dresses and we never recommend settling on your dress decision. That said, we don’t really believe in dress fate. Did I just write that?

Okay, maybe we believe in dress fate a little bit. I just sold a dress that really WAS the perfect for a bride planning a beach wedding. I don’t even know where the dress came from. I’d never put it on another bride. We had only the one and it’s gone now. I looked it up at the designer and it’s not in the inventory. We track these things. How did I miss it? Sometimes we get truly unique dresses that were never mass produced. They’re designer originals and this was one of those dresses. We’ll literally never see it again. We’ll never replace it.

My point? Sometimes there really is dress fate–kind of like love fate, but it’s not always like that when you find the perfect dress, no more for the perfect man. We don’t want to induce paralysis around dress purchases if you’re not getting trumpets pealing in your head when you put the dress on. The truth is, it’s different for everyone. We all have our own feelings and we bring those along with us when we look in the mirror. Sometimes your own feelings can make it harder to hear and feel those angelic choirs singing “This is the one!” Sometimes, there’s no choir, just this giddy smile we can’t seem to wipe away, no matter what. Sometimes we cry. I love the cry-ers. (I’m a cry-er, too.)

But if none of those things are happening for you–then it’s probably one of two things. You need to keep looking. Or maybe, you need to fall in love with yourself a little. It could be that you’re not looking at you. Maybe you perceive flaws about yourself that are not really flaws. They are just natural and normal characteristics that do not need an airbrush.

But most likely, if your dress is doing it’s job, you’re feeling something warm and cozy when you look in the mirror. We look for that smile and a certain look in a bride’s eyes when she stands up on the pedestal. It’s charming and a little bit magical. Tears work, too…and angelic choirs if you can get them.