People ask all the time: do you love working at a bridal shop?

The answer, of course, is yes. I do love it. In fact, I love it more than you can probably understand.

I’ve been sewing since I was young. My mother, who owns Bell Tower Bridal, taught me herself. And she practically raised me at a fabric store. I grew up to love fabric.

I love to be creative. And I love to put together beautiful things, make them well, and uniquely. I love sewing all while struggling to make this stubborn, two-dimensional piece of fabric assume a third dimension. I love it seam after tedious seem that must be ripped out and sewed for the second time…and a third time. That’s the nature of dress construction.

I would guess wedding dresses are a bigger deal to us than they are to you. You think you’re a Bridezilla? You may be, but the truth is, we care more than you do about the dress. We cared about the dress you buy before you buy it, because we bought it first. We chose it out of a selection of many, many dresses. We bought it, and if you damage it and decide against it, we still bought it. Maybe we even made the dress from scratch, in which case, we purchased it with our time, effort, and years of sewing experience. We bought the expensive lace, or silk, or designer stretch satin. We bought it with many pricked fingers and calloused hands.

We know these dresses, and yes, we love them.

Sometimes we have brides come in and want to try dresses they won’t fit into. This is where we show how much we really love your dress. Guess what. We won’t let you try on a dress we know doesn’t fit. We say this without apology and without remorse. Because trying on unsuitable dresses damages the dress. And we love your dress. We bought it first.

You can’t possibly love all the dresses. You may love one dress, at most two. We love them all. We love them and will protect them for you so the one dress you ultimately pay for comes in excellent condition and looks as good on you as it possibly can. You’re welcome.