What is Your Local Fashion IQ for Bridal Wear?

Fashion is a fluid, changeful thing. At Bell Tower Bridal, we want both to have our finger on the pulse of the rapidly changing fashion world and also upon the preferences of our particular location. The two worlds don’t always come together very neatly and we have to negotiate the space in between.

New seasons will bring new trends. Some looks will go before we’re quite ready to let them. And it can be hard to introduce something truly new to a location that loves its traditions and has its own sense about what is and isn’t bridal. That’s okay. We should have our own ideas. That makes us who we are, but between you and me…we’re kind of at least a year behind the hottest trends. 

We sell a lot of lace and mesh right now, while fashion has moved toward subtler looks with crepe and satin. We’re seeing a little less beading, but still quite a bit of color. Champagne and blush are still important, but what do you think about blue? Yes. Like it or not, it’s coming down the runway. Also, metallic is a new thing. It’s still early, but we’ll begin to see it much more. Fabrics woven with metallic silver will begin to replace beads and sequins. Some of the new looks take a little getting used to, but when you do open up, it can be a lot of fun.

On the left is an Amsale; right Inbal Dror gown.

I’ve been shopping fabric today and am always seeing new terms. Things like techno crepe, and glitter knits. I love to see the new fabrics and how lycra and spandex have changed everything. I love to see the difference the right fabric can make in a gown. The perfect fabric changes everything. You’re going to love what we’re doing in our alterations/custom design shop. Some really nice things are coming together

If you didn’t make it to the Bell Tower Bridal Grand Opening and Runway Show, don’t worry, we’ll be having another bridal event in January. We’re very excited to see what will be new on the runway. I hope you’re planning to come. It’s going to be a very exciting show!